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LL: Collaboration Over Origination

*This is a part of our series, "Lessons Learned", where we're reflecting on what we've experienced over the last 9 years of ministry! For the rest of the series, you can check the main post: Introduction

We use the phrase "collaboration over origination" in our one pager, it's a compelling element to our work that we want to highlight at every opportunity because:

  1. we can't do it all. If we could meet every need of every individual that would be amazing - but we can't. Not well, at least. Though it's humbling to admit, collaboration is the only way to serve people well, because we aren't capable of doing it alone. As a faith-based organization we connect this to 1 Corinthians 12 - we need each other to do what we're called to do!

  2. our clients need us to be collaborative so they have a larger network of resources. It's a requirement in order to serve people well. We believe that one of the largest disadvantages that occurs when an individual needs to enter the foster care system is that they often lose access their larger community. The parents are typically the "connector" for their children and their future opportunities - without this network,

  3. we want other organizations to know that we see them and value their work. It's beyond a courtesy - it's a requirement. Mutual respect between organizations allows us to access better services for our clients, encourage other people working in this sphere, and address issues when they arise.


  1. Learn about who else is working in your city, your state, and your country. Whether through national organizations like the Christian Alliance for Orphans or through your local Chamber of Commerce, make the effort to map out who is close to you and working towards the same goal!

  2. Know your non-negotiables and stick to them before making referrals. Some of ours: being trauma competent, being collaborative, and understanding the "big picture".

  3. Ask your clients what other services they could actually use - you may find their are needs completely off the organization's radar that you could be connecting the client to and helping overcome large obstacles.


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