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The Story of Foster Care is Now Available!

Written by Angela Quijada-Banks, Sarah Chambers, Crystal Cobb, Miriam Cobb, Carmelita Coleman, Danielle Dolinski-Sloan, Jason Hosonitz, Kelly Hosonitz, and Desirea 'DJ' Jacobs, our book, The Story of Foster Care, is officially available for purchase!



An autobiographical collection of photos and stories that illustrate the daily experiences of those involved in foster care.

Told by three foster care alumni, two social workers, and two foster parents, this book gives an intimate glimpse at each author's personal journey through trials, obstacles, grief, forgiveness, joy, healing and love. Through the medium of photography and the written word, the authors created a visual narrative to the complicated world of out-of-home care in the United States.

The photos change from atmospheric to symbolic to direct imagery. The stories themselves range from straightforward narratives to poetic verse, with each unique voice woven together to tell the larger story of foster care.

  • Beautiful Full Color Photos

  • Multiple Perspectives of the foster care system (former foster youth, social workers, foster parents)

  • Three clearly defined sections: Before, During, & After time in care

  • Ideal read for adults wanting to learn more about the system

Both challenging and inspiring, this honest work compels the reader to set aside their preconceived notions and listen to the lived experiences of others. This book is a compelling introduction to the foster care system meant for anyone connected to the foster care community: concerned parents, foster parents, educators, collegiate, medical staff, advocates, law enforcement, counselors, legislative communities, pastors, faith-based communities, and anyone interested in engaging in the intricate world of foster care.

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