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Time is a human thing.

It’s a part of being broken - to have a beginning and an end.

2020 presented chances to embrace a world without time or deadlines or plans. Upon further examination and prayer, God can use it to teach us how important it is to truly number our days (Psalm 90). He can teach us that justice and righteousness are His to discern and convict, and we are called to live by faith and to act justly (Romans 3). He can teach us that we have a purpose outside of our routines and that purpose is constantly crying out for our devotion and action (Psalm 19:5, Hebrews 12).

For our work, empowering youth as they transition out of state care, we are acutely aware of time. How quickly a young adult can go from being in the foster care system to being homeless. How quickly homelessness can lead to trafficking or substance abuse. How long this broken system has been going. How long it has taken for us to receive the support to step into the story.

But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

2 Peter 3:8

Time is a human thing. But God uses us and our humble things to bring Him glory. He gave us patterns, seasons, night and day to remind us of time, His ultimate control and authority, and, for me, it’s a reminder of the limited time I have here. Every new year our human societies acknowledge that all of us are one year closer to being with Him eternally. In the midst of this year, I was reminded that time is in His hands. Here at the beginning of the new year, I’m reminded that I must daily choose to begin again. Allowing each day to reveal more of His plans and purpose. Trusting that His control is beyond time.

I’m praying for you, reader. I pray that you would be encouraged to embrace the time given to you to bring Him glory. You will be given exactly what you need to run this race. May we all be found faithful!


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