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The Story of Foster Care

Empty Frames Initiative's book, The Story of Foster Care, is now available for purchase! In 2018 seven individuals with personal knowledge of the foster care system sat down with us and piloted our curriculum, "Storytelling Through Photography".

This program combines art therapy techniques, documentary photography, and storytelling concepts to encourage participants to share their stories from their perspectives. The result of our first pilot session is The Story of Foster Care, Volume 1 that was made into a gallery and book.

About the Book: An autobiographical collection of photos and stories that illustrate the daily experiences of those involved in foster care.


Told by three foster care alumni, two social workers, and two foster parents, this book gives an intimate glimpse at each author's personal journey through trials, obstacles, grief, forgiveness, joy, healing and love. Through the medium of photography and the written word, the authors created a visual narrative to the complicated world of out-of-home care in the United States. 

The Story of Foster Care was offered in Gallery format in the Summer of 2019. It worked as a traveling exhibition in Raleigh, NC and held shows at North Ridge Church, City Gallery and the Junior League of Raleigh.

Gallery Photo.webp

Pictured, the artists & authors: Desirea "DJ" Jacobs, 

Sarah Chambers, Angela Quijada-Banks,

Danielle Dolinski-Sloan, Carmelita Coleman,

Jason Hosonitz, Kelly Hosonitz


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