Want to partner on the next Story of Foster Care?

In our first book, The Story of Foster Care vol. 1, we invited people into the intricate world of foster care as told by former foster youth, foster parents, and caseworkers. In this sequel book, we will be hearing from individuals who experienced both foster care and human trafficking, individuals who work at the organizations supporting their healthy exit from trafficking, and from child welfare professionals who saw the connections in their work.

We are currently seeking supportive funding that will be used to “sponsor” the storytellers to come from across the US to our weekend sessions in North Carolina, so that the participants will not have to pay for anything (ex. transportation, lodging, food, etc.). Funding will also be used to help bring the gallery across the United States, covering the cost of ground transportation for the art/display walls, any rented spaces, and the launch event.

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The original gallery has been seen by many audiences. This video is a preview of our set-up for the National Association of Counsel for Children's Conference in 2022