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5 Books to Read for Foster Care Awareness Month

5 books for you to read during Foster Care Awareness Month! We've selected 5 titles all written by former foster youth, all giving advice, caution, and encouragement for those who want to impact the system.

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Title: Reshuffled, by Tracy Gharbo and Linda Palmer

What we appreciated: this book is a compilation of stories, each with unique challenges and outcomes, but all of the authors have found success in their own way and their current journey is highlighted at the end of each narrative. The foster care journey is difficult, but this book shows several beautiful outcomes for individuals who were once involved.

Title: Emancipating from the Care of Strangers, by Waln K. Brown and John R. Seita

What we appreciated: in this book, each of the contributors make a specific suggestion about what would improve the foster care system or improve the process of emancipating from care, or "aging out". Many of the authors are in unique professional fields and their thoughts as adults looking back on their experiences while in care are rarely heard and incredibly valuable.

Title: Labeled: Ward of the State, by Kenisha E. Anthony

What we appreciated: this book describes some of the nuances and obstacles experienced by those who are not technically in “legal foster care”, as the author describes the journey of being in foster care, then returned into her family's care, then back into the system without real support because of the “legal” aspects of foster care. Very unique insight on an often misunderstood topic.

Title: The Black Foster Youth Handbook

What we appreciated: this book spent time encouraging the reader to understand their self worth and to place the trauma experienced in care as a secondary piece of their larger story. It is encouraging to current and former foster, and also an interesting read for caregivers who are looking to understand some of the thoughts happening “beneath the surface” so they can empower those in their care with truth about self worth.

And, of course, we recommend our book:

Title: The Story of Foster Care, by Empty Frames Initiative, Angela Quijada Banks, Sarah Chambers, Crystal Cobb, Miriam Cobb, Carmelita Coleman, Danielle Dolinski-Sloan, Jason Hosonitz, Kelly Hosonitz, and Desirea "DJ" Jacobs

What we appreciated: we loved working on this book and working with all of the authors involved. We never get tired of seeing their photographs and stories compiled in The Story of Foster Care!


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